With Salesforce winning award after award for innovation and growth, it’s an exciting time to be in the Salesforce and Pardot Ohana.


Here’s why I am excited for what’s to come in the Pardot world in 2018:

1. Pardot appears to be getting more feature development attention than ever.

With projected* new features like team Chatter within the Engagement Studio builder and more artificial-intelligence-related add-ons like Einstein Lead Scoring, there seem to be many new Pardot toys to play with coming down the pipeline. This is exciting for marketers, and makes us Pardot admin nerds ecstatic. 😅

2. Pardot and Salesforce are becoming closer knit than ever.

Another strong rumor is that there may be a renaming of Pardot to “B2B Marketing for Salesforce,” especially with word on the street being that Pardot will be moved inside Salesforce. Pardot Campaigns are set to become one with Salesforce Campaigns, which will make multi-attribution tracking much easier. If Pardot were to be moved inside of Sales Cloud, this would also open the possibility for more integrations, like a direct lead flow between Advertising Studio and Pardot.

3. Pardot is growing with a force.

According to a study done by SmartInsights, Pardot is already the fastest growing marketing automation solution of the top 6 marketing automation technologies:


“Among the six most dominant technologies, Pardot has had the single largest growth last year – a mindboggling 108.9 percent. For the other five, average growth was around 48 percent.”



Image credit: Bold Digital

With the new features rumored to be on the way and other strategic moves by Salesforce like forming a partnership with Google, I can only imagine that this growth will continue.

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Sara McNamara is a Marketing Operations Manager and former top-tier Salesforce Pardot Partner senior consultant. She has a special place in her heart for marketing operations, Kanye West, huskies, and people who don’t call her about something that could have been a text/don’t request a meeting about something that could have been an email. She is honored to be the very first B2B marketing Trailblazer to be recognized and featured by Salesforce Trailhead, as well as featured in the first Trailblazers in B2B Marketing | Powered by Pardot magazine. She is also a Marketo Certified Expert and cosigned by Jill Rowley, the greatest sales professional of all time. 🐐

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