We all do it — when we see something that a friend or peer would like or be interested in, we forward or share it with them, whether it be via email, social media, or text.

But that is where the referral often ends — either someone purchases something from the related company right away, or there is a drop-off. But what if you could collect the prospects who aren’t quite ready to buy? What if you could nurture them in a Pardot Engagement Studio program?

Here’s how to collect more leads from your current prospects/customers in Pardot.

This is a snippet from the footer of one of the emails I have recently sent. It makes any recipient of the email aware as to which email address it was destined to be sent to — but that isn’t it! I’ve also added a link to a secret opt-in form, so people who are forwarded the email (or those on distribution lists) can sign up for their own copy, after identifying that this email was not sent directly from us to them:


How did I set this up? Let’s take a look at the backend.

When I open the email editor in Pardot, this is what we see in our footer section.

How is this set up?

  1. Click the Variable Tag button (circled in red).
  2. Scroll down in the newly opened window and click Email (circled in blue). This will automatically pull in each intended recipient’s email address!
  3. Style the text as you wish (I have made it bold and changed the color in this example).
  4. Make the words “Sign up here” a hyperlink that links to a new form.

Now, we have to be careful about how we set up this secret referral opt-in form.

When creating the form, click the Look and Feel tab (circled in red) and be sure to check the Kiosk/Data Entry Mode checkbox (circled in blue). This will ensure that new prospects will not be cookied under the same IP address of the prospect who forwarded them the email (this is the default behavior of Pardot). Once they interact with you on other marketing content (email clicks, other form submissions), you’ll have them cookied! Depending upon where you want these prospects to flow, you may want to set up corresponding completion actions on the form.

That’s it! 😎

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Sara McNamara is a Marketing Operations Manager and former top-tier Salesforce Pardot Partner senior consultant. She has a special place in her heart for marketing operations, Kanye West, huskies, and people who don’t call her about something that could have been a text/don’t request a meeting about something that could have been an email. She is honored to be the very first B2B marketing Trailblazer to be recognized and featured by Salesforce Trailhead, as well as featured in the first Trailblazers in B2B Marketing | Powered by Pardot magazine. She is also a Marketo Certified Expert and cosigned by Jill Rowley, the greatest sales professional of all time. 🐐

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