Whether it’s a migration from Marketo to Pardot, or a migration from Hubspot to Eloqua, migrations involve huge change for your organization. That’s easy to digest, and most organizations understand what that means.

The piece that is more often learned the hard way than not is what I am calling “talent migration.”

Many of us in the marketing operations field have deep experience in at least one platform. Why, you ask? Well, it’s simple — it’s easier to get hired to do a job that you are familiar with than a completely new role, on a new platform. Some of us who have been consultants are lucky enough to have deeper experience in more than one platform, but we generally still stick with a favorite for the long-haul.

If your marketing ops manager’s specialty is Pardot and you decide to switch to Marketo, two questions will often come to mind:

1. Is the organization going to replace me and/or my team, alongside the MAP replacement?

2. How much of a chance will I get to learn the new platform? Will I receive any kind of company-sponsored training?

Some might call this insecure thinking — but that is what we often see in the field. In a world where many MOPs organizations are working at breakneck speeds to meet the needs of their organizations, having team members who are not familiar with a platform can be extremely painful, if not crippling.

This is why many companies see their MOPs teams depart soonafter a migration decision is made. Some martech professionals will try to ride it out to see what happens/if they can take advantage of a nice learning opportunity, but many will take their talents and go to where they know they are needed and not a potential burden.

So, before you migrate to another platform, think about your current team. Are you unhappy enough with your MAP to potentially lose your team members? If not, I would strive to have an open conversation with them about the best platform decision and what expectations will be for them if there is going to be a switch.

After all, it is not easy to replace marketing operations talent. 🙂

83% of marketing roles take more than five weeks to fill, according to the 2019 Marketing Talent Crunch Survey, conducted by Spear Marketing Group. Over 90% of companies surveyed said they were having trouble finding marketing talent, with martech positions being the most in-demand.”

Trying to make a decision on whether to migrate or not? Feel free to drop me a line.

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Sara McNamara is a “B2B Marketing Automation All-Star” and former top-tier Salesforce Pardot Partner senior consultant. She has a special place in her heart for marketing operations, Kanye West, huskies, and people who don’t call her about something that could have been a text/don’t request a meeting about something that could have been an email. She is honored to be the very first B2B marketing Trailblazer to be recognized and featured by Salesforce Trailhead, as well as featured in the first Trailblazers in B2B Marketing | Powered by Pardot magazine. She is also a Marketo Certified Expert and cosigned by Jill Rowley, the greatest sales professional of all time. 

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