Sara McNamara | Marketing Ops, Sales Ops, ABM, and B2B marketing
What am I known for?

Marketing & Sales Operations, ABM, and B2B marketing


I fell in love with marketing automation when I joined a Pardot Partner years ago and I have been recognized for my work, contributions, and mentorship in the Pardot community.


After being recognized for my Pardot work, I partnered with Marketo and learned their world-class marketing engagement platform, ultimately becoming a Marketo Certified Expert.


With years of experience working alongside Salesforce top-tier Partners, I am an experienced, skilled sales operations consultant and certified Salesforce Administrator.


I utilize my strategical marketing background and martech skills to formulate and implement highly effective ABM plays based on personalization, targeted segmentation, and creativity.

“I’ve learned more in DM feeds from [Sara] than most books or consultants could sneeze at.”

-CMO of Marketo

💪🧠 10/10 Client Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

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