Sara McNamara | Marketing Ops, Sales Ops, ABM, and B2B marketing
What am I known for?

Award-Winning Strategic Revenue Operations, Marketing Operations, and Sales Operations

Marketing Operations

My background starts with digital marketing and marketing operations, including platforms like Pardot, Marketo, HubSpot, Eloqua, and countless others.

Revenue Operations

Because of my experience with both marketing and sales operations, as well as being a liaison between the two groups, I am skilled in creating a revenue generation engine from lead to close.

Sales Operations

With years of experience working alongside Salesforce top-tier Partners, I am an experienced, skilled sales operations consultant and certified Salesforce Administrator.


I often create utilization plans and roadmaps for businesses that feel they are missing the strategic skillset that is required to create roadmaps internally for their martech and salestech investments.

“I’ve learned more in DM feeds from [Sara] than most books or consultants could sneeze at.”

-CMO of Marketo